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I love British things and silly things and really fucking good television and reading and art.
I am 29! and live in the midwest, USA.
I like to art and write; I collect dolls.
My blog is sometimes NSFW.

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The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, Charlie Adlard
Fables, Bill Willingham, Mark Buckingham, Lan Medina, Steve Leialoha, Craig Hamilton
Sandman, Neil Gaiman, et al.
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DMZ, Brian Wood, Riccardo Burchielli
One Piece, Oda Eiichiro
Shingeki no Kyojin, Isayama Hajime
A number of webcomics; feel free to inquire.

Starbound, Minecraft, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Pokemon X, Chrono Trigger DS, Super Princess Peach
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Downton Abbey, Supernatural, Adventure Time, Parks and Recreation, The Walking Dead, How I Met Your Mother
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Doctor Who, Legend of Korra, Shingeki no Kyojin, Orange is the New Black

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god tier magical girl (or boy) giveaway!!

i did this once before and it was tons of fun!!

i just wanted to say thanks for 2500+ followers! you guys are so amazing and awesome i just can’t believe it aaaaaa

there will be one winner and whoever wins will get theirs or their characters (or whoever’s! it can be a canon character, too!) god tier made into a magical girl (or boy) outfit! the ones shown above are knight of hope and priest of space! (though each design will probably be different depending on the person!)

you are allowed a like and two reblogs!

you don’t have to be following me, though it would be nice!

you must have your ask box enabled!

also please reblog with the title you’d want me to draw! 8)

the giveaway begins today, February 23rd, and on March 1st!

good luck, and thank you all so much!!! <333

btw this ends tonight!

Maid of space~
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